About Clean PVC™

Clean PVC™ is an independent organization utilizing third-party testing provided by the world’s largest independent inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Clean PVC™ is not affiliated with any other trade group or association.

Clean PVC™’s founders have decades of experience working with:

  • flooring
  • surfacing
  • wallcovering products

Many of them containing PVC, to become successfully specified and used in commercial facilities, and in helping architects and owners secure LEED credits for hundreds of projects.

While expert on sustainability, green products and LEED-credits applicability, they have also experienced many situations where products have been rejected from consideration due to negative perceptions related to their PVC content.

Clean PVC™’s focus is on correcting these PVC misperceptions and increasing awareness among manufacturers, architects, designers and others of how products containing PVC can, under the new LEED v4 Standard, easily and economically qualify for LEED credits.